The looking glass wars

The AD-52 is a fairly common weapon for various inhabitants of the Wondernations. It "deals" or shoots out fifty-two razor edged playing cards with each shot. Ammunition comes in a deck form similar to a cartridge.


AD-52 Illustration from Frank Beddor's "The Looking Glass Wars: ArchEnemy" Drawn By Vance Kovacs

The AD52 is an automatic firearm popular amongst the various military factions within Wonderland. The weapon is similar to an Earthen rifle or machine gun and has the capability of firing an entire deck (52) of razor sharp cards in a second.

Book Trivia[]

In The Looking Glass Wars, a group of cut soldiers is said to be armed with AD-52's, so it is possible that they have only been invented in the first book.

In a schematic provided in ArchEnemy, an incendiary version of the standard razor edged ammunition is shown, but as it was never used in the trilogy, its effects are unknown.