Hatter Madigan

� Hatter Madigan was Queen Genevieve's bodyguard up until her death at the hands of her sister, Redd Heart. He is a Milliner, and is the best of his kind.

About HatterEdit

As stated above, Hatter is a Milliner and the queen's bodyguard. He has a daughter named Molly and is in love with Weaver. His top hat turns into an S shaped blade. He carries a backpack that is filled with many different blades, which he uses to fight.

His LifeEdit

He would give his life to protect the queen (or, later, his daughter) if necessary. When Queen Genevieve asked Hatter to protect a 7-year old Alyss, they jumped into the Pool of Tears. He was seperated from her and searched Earth to find her for 13 years, becoming a legend, and did not find her until they were both in Wonderland. He is an excellent fighter and takes his job very seriously. He destroyed WILMA and helped defeat Redd and bring peace to the queendom.


  • Hatter's brother, Dalton, rescued both Rose (Redd.) and Geneieve Heart from the Diamond's estate.
  • Hatter is a twelth generation Milliner.
  • Hatter created a tarot deck of cards, while in a mental hospital, which revealed the truth about Wonderland.