Homburg Molly is the daughter of Hatter Madigan and Weaver.

About MollyEdit

"Homburg" Molly Madigan grew up as a Halfer. Her dad is a Milliner and her mom an alchemist. Her homburg turns into a shield that she uses to protect herself, or others. She is the personal bodyguard of Queen Alyss. She was given a box to deliver to Alyss and traveled through the Crystal Continuum, destroying it. She felt that it was her fault and did not deserve to be the bodyguard ofQueen Alyss. They mourned the death of Weaver after she died for what Hatter thought was the second time. Hatter and her traveled to Earth through the Pool of Tears. Hatter left her there to keep her safe. When the Pool of Tears was drained, it trapped her and Queen Alyss on Earth. Using her mom's journals, she was able to create more Milliner weapons, as well as another puddle that lead to Wonderland.

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