One of King Arch's two henchmen, the fingerprints of Ripkin's hands could become razors capable of shredding anything they touched. He demonstrated this ability when Arch visited Alyss in Heart Palace by ripping a tarty-tart to shreds.

Sometime after Redd's first defeat, he and Blister were sent to Wonderland to capture a Glass Eye, allowing Arch to build an army of them.

When Hatter Madigan came to Boarderton to negotiate for Homburg Molly, Ripkins and Blister both were quartered with him, to better track his movements.

In ArchEnemy, he is sent through the Pool of Tears to kill the Liddels. He himself is killed by Alyss Heart when she comes to the Liddels rescue and fights him with her Imagination.

He is nearly always paired with Blister.